As one journey ends, another begins. That’s the part of life. The journey that ends, becomes a memory. Some are good memories, and unfortunately some are bad memories. But overall, you remember. As for my Amal fellowship, this journey also ended. But this journey will help me on the many other journeys that I am going to have in future. As you know that fellowship sessions were only on weekends. So, this journey started as waiting for weekend the whole week, and then “Oh Shoot, No weekend for me. I have a session today”. …

I’ve been trying to think of the most possible creative way to write this blog, but unfortunately, I can’t think of anything. So, I decided that I will be honest, and I’ll show my honesty as my creativity. We are almost at the end of our Amal Fellowship, and this is the most unique thing that I have ever done. There were many times that I thought that “let’s leave it, I am not going take classes on my weekends”. …

Honestly, I didn’t know about Amal Academy, my senior from University told me about it, and he asked me to join Amal Academy. It was really strange and unique experience for me at start, but gradually I started to like it. There were many unique experiences for me, that I may never had if I hadn’t joined it.

We had discussion on Gratitude, Communication skills, Interview preparation, Resume building, CV building and many more things. The thing that inspired me the most, was Mock Interviews. It was really unique experience for me. At first, I was really nervous. There were…

It was my first experience ever to collect money for a social cause. Usually I collect money from my parents and for myself. And collecting funds is very hard for an introvert like me, because you need some contacts for this kind of activity. I collected funds as an individual person because all my other group fellows are from different cities and I am from different city. I first approach my school friends and very close friends and I asked them “If you want to donate for Edhi Foundation, please contact me”. And here’s the reply that I received.


For the activity of Pomodoro, I decided to do my web engineering project. First 25 minutes were literally awful. It was very difficult. There was continuously one thing one my mind, “Let’s play music behind the project.”. But I knew, if I started hearing music while doing the project, then I am going to be completely done with my project(sarcastically). So, I had to hold myself which was very cringing. The monkey inside me was very angry too. But I had to hold steering wheel, because I didn’t want to wake up Panic Monster. …

  1. Developing a Growth mindset
  2. Get out of your comfort zone
  3. Create new habits
  4. Ask people help
  5. Fake it till you make it

These 5 tips can change your life. If they are implemented correctly in life, these tips can bring a positive change in your life. These tips should be implemented as soon as possible. Fake it till you make it is my favorite, because I have done it and its really useful.

Traffic issue is the 6th major social issue in Pakistan, according to the reports. Traffic jam on daily basis and never-ending wait on the roads is becoming a routine for the people of Pakistan. That feeling of helplessness, when you want to reach somewhere on time, but all you can do is to wait on the road and hope for the road to clear. People reach late to their offices even after driving fast, especially the students are the most who suffer a lot. Pakistan’s most populated & famous cities like Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Gujranwala, etc. …

Everyone needs change in their life. Some changes may be positive, some may be negative, but every change brings new experiences. Every change brings different set of feelings. So here, I am going to change something that I should have done like a month ago. I need to fix my Table Tennis Table.



Muaaz Saeed

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