Honestly, I didn’t know about Amal Academy, my senior from University told me about it, and he asked me to join Amal Academy. It was really strange and unique experience for me at start, but gradually I started to like it. There were many unique experiences for me, that I may never had if I hadn’t joined it.

We had discussion on Gratitude, Communication skills, Interview preparation, Resume building, CV building and many more things. The thing that inspired me the most, was Mock Interviews. It was really unique experience for me. At first, I was really nervous. There were really bad things coming into my mind. But when the interview started, the interviewer was really friendly. He was really polite throughout the interview, and after the interview, he gave me detailed feedback and he pointed out my mistakes in the interview. It really helped me. You know, you need to give interviews to get a job. So, I am thinking of giving more mock interviews in the future.