Visualizing my Experience

I’ve been trying to think of the most possible creative way to write this blog, but unfortunately, I can’t think of anything. So, I decided that I will be honest, and I’ll show my honesty as my creativity. We are almost at the end of our Amal Fellowship, and this is the most unique thing that I have ever done. There were many times that I thought that “let’s leave it, I am not going take classes on my weekends”. But there was something that kept me motivated, and that was Ma’am Yusra and Ma’am Aliya’s motivating words that really helped me to continue that fellowship.

I have tried to see things around me that I can capture and relate but I couldn’t, because I couldn’t relate anything in my imagination. I decided to go through my old photos that I have captured, because I am a hobbyist Photographer and no matter how old these photos are, but they are still mine.

Clear sky

So, these pictures have nothing to do with my experience, but I am uploading them here just to fulfill the criteria. I took these pictures in last year’s Ramadan, and only thing that I can relate is that your soft skills should be as good as the sky in these photos, and Amal Academy is providing you many courses and activities so, that you can improve your soft skills.

Okay enough with trying to increase the length of blog, I now coming to the point. My first two weeks were quite hard, because you know university exams on one side and fellowship on the other side. But when your teachers are motivating and facilitating you in the best possible way you can do many things that you don’t imagine. Our fellowship was started with the four Amal Principles which was,

1) Amal (Action)

2) Khudi (Knowing yourself)

3) Kaamkaamkaam (Hard work)

4) Aik aur aik gyarah (Teamwork)

I have come to know that teamwork is a thing that is not just necessary in sports, it should be done effectively whenever you are working in a team. I have discovered that I am very bad in teamwork and not just in the most possible way but beyond. So, I am working on it. But seriously I may not have learnt these things if it’s not for Amal. And that’s all I can say in this blog because my brain has stopped working and showing me error message for being overused.